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We started this site to provide you with information on bookmakers. But before we get to that, let’s give you a little background about each of us and what makes our team so unique.

Brad (The Editor)

I’m a writer by profession and have been working in the industry for many years now, so much so that I even started an agency to help more people get good content. But today, I will not focus so much on my editorial skills, but rather, I will go into what I love about online gambling and why it has become a huge passion for me.

Growing up, there was this dark cloud over gambling, and I felt that engaging in it would be bad for me. The people around me made it look like if I as much as gambled $5 on a game, my life would be over. Even in school, when other kids would take on a bet, I would stand a distance away, concerned that if I yielded to the temptation, I would lose it all. I know some of you can relate to this fear, more so if you grew up in a household where there was a gambling addict. I was once there.

ne day changed my life, though. I was at work, and a friend had to make a bet, but their phone had technical issues. So, he called me and told me that I had to log into his account and place a multi-bet. At the time, I had no idea what that was, and I hesitated. However, the worry in his voice got to me, and I figured that I would put my reservations aside if he wanted the bet so much. I logged in and followed his bet slip to the letter. When it came to the last game, he paused, then told me to go with my gut. Here I was, a newbie, unsure of what the odds were and what team would win. After having a good laugh, he hung up on me and left me to make this decision for him. Mind you; it was a decision that would cost him $100 and had the potential to make $1,400 if he won. I made the final selection. While he lost the bet, I became entranced by betting and haven’t stopped since. I’ll tell you more about it as we move ahead.

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Greg i
(The Expert)
How did you spend your weekends? Most boys my age would be at home, sleeping in or playing video games. On the other hand, I was running after my grandfather as he hustled his way around the racing tracks, tickets in hand and a smile on his face. He would be giddy on these days,
shouting at the horses and punching the air after every win or tearing his ticket when his horse lost. I was used to this thrill and would be there in the rain and the sun, watching my grandfather and his friends grin as they cashed in or sulk as they headed home, kicking at the pebbles in the park. I loved it, and when I was finally of age, you can bet that my first bet was on a horse race. And yes, the Kentucky Derby was on my list.
I prefer to call myself the numbers guy. I crunch the numbers and figure out what the outcome of an event will likely be. Whether it’s basketball, football, or my good old horse races, I know how to come up with the most likely result. And I have a background in statistics which gives me an edge over the average punter. As much as gambling is about luck, you still want to have math on your side. I can’t wait to show you how!
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Neil (The Marketing Guru)

In this digital age, almost anyone can be an influencer. All you need is a following of people who believe in what you do, and voila, brands will soon chase you and ask you to promote their brands. I’m not an influencer, nor am I a brand. Instead, I am the link between these two categories and the audience. Thanks to my background in marketing and years’ worth of experience in marketing firms and platforms, I know what it takes to grab the customer’s attention and how to keep it.

Now, you may wonder how this works with online gambling. It’s quite the same thing if you think about it. Online gaming sites have a product they want to sell and position to the audience, which is their platform and their offers. They need someone who can communicate this to their preferred audiences and build a rapport with them. This communication can be through sales copies (hey, Brad), videos, and social media outreaches. I know how to develop ideas, test them, interpret the data, and finalize action plans. That’s what makes me a guru or expert, if you like.

Besides my love for marketing, I also enjoy gambling now and then, and I’ll take on special bets most of the time. Most people go for sports as their number one choice, but there’s something about betting on the weather that gets me excited. As I pen off, I can already feel my fingers itching to bet on stormy weather tomorrow. Wish me luck!

That’s it for now, guys, but be sure to check in often, as we will have invaluable information and lots of entertaining stories. Thank you!


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