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As far as e-wallets go, few come close to what PayPal has to offer its clients. It’s no wonder it retains its position even with new competitors coming into the field. Not only can you use it to shop online, send and receive payments and even track your invoices, but it also works for online wagering. We take a look at what makes it so special and betting sites that have accepted it as a means of payment:

Betting Sites

Not all betting sites accept PayPal. Luckily, those that don’t are much fewer than those that do. Moreover, most big platforms have integrated this payment system into their sites. These include:

William Hill
As a site that has been around much longer than its competitors, there’s a lot to appreciate about this platform. It offers live streaming, a variety of horse racing markets and adheres to gambling regulations in each region. If you have a claim, it’s much easier to get it resolved on this site than most others which tend to treat the law as a grey area. The site provides a ton of payment methods, including e-wallets. You can get your withdrawal processed in a day. For bank cards, you would wait for about two to five business days for the payment to reflect. Please note that the minimum deposit for e-wallets stands at $10.

Who does not want regular promos? This platform has a ton of these, enabling you to save money even as you rake in more wins. Plus, they have better odds than most of their competitors, and they pride themselves on fantastic customer service and a range of sports and markets. There are many payment methods available on the site, which makes deposits and withdrawals relatively easy. You will also be happy to know that you can deposit as little as $5, much less than what other bookies would request. Plus, you can access your money with no withdrawal charges. And with PayPal, as well as other e-wallets, your money will reflect in a few hours. Here’s another bonus: the site offers instant withdrawals in its betting shops.
Football punters love this platform which boasts of a ton of markets. It also offers other events as well and has intuitive software that works great on mobiles. You will enjoy that deposits reflect instantly, and you can start wagering as soon as you transfer the money. Regardless of the method used, you will not pay any fees, and you can transact in any currency. Unlike other withdrawal methods where the money shows almost instantly, you will wait about 2-3 days when using an e-wallet. Other methods take much longer. This waiting period is much more than you would see on other sites, and you may want to consider this downside.

Since 1997, this bookie has been at it, offering wagers at good odds to its loyal punters. Thus, when it comes to experience, very few bookies can match its pace. Moreover, it provides fantastic football odds, has an attractive mobile interface, and has live streaming options. Besides its slow response to email inquiries, it seems to be a great place to wager your money.
While the site has limited banking options, it allows punters to access their money through PayPal. The deposits reflect immediately and do not come with extra charges. The withdrawals reflect within 12 hours if you use an e-wallet account that’s verified. If not, it can take much longer. You should get this sorted out to enjoy speedy transactions.
At this point, most people know this bookie as it has grown into an internationally recognizable brand. Its growth owes to its range of markets, great odds, and continuing promotions. Whether you are a new or returning customer, you can rest assured the site will have something great for you. On the downside, locating these promotions can be a tad challenging.
As with any other good bookie, the site provides its clients with a range of banking options, and PayPal is one such means. The deposits take place instantly, and luckily, the site does not have a minimum deposit. As for withdrawal limits, there’s no specific amount. However, if you try and get hold of a large sum at once, you may need to go through some checks.
Should you use PayPal?
In recent years, PayPal has picked up its pace as a banking option in online gaming sites. Even so, there has been some hesitation among punters to take up this method. One main reason for this holding back is the fact that it’s relatively new. You might look at this and go, ‘but PayPal has been processing funds for decades!’ While that may be true, it is new to sports betting, and punters are still getting used to it. Sure, PayPal is excellent at handling transfers and payments, but does it cut it when it comes to handling wagers? Yes, and here’s why:


The more a company has handled money, the more experience it will have. Think about it. At any given minute, someone is sending money through this platform, and another is receiving it. Countless transactions take place each day, and the site has found a way to handle all this without facing blocks. It follows that they would be as diligent with your money. Plus, it offers six levels of precautions to keep its users’ money safe.


With countless checks and the ability to verify who is behind each account, this platform has risen to be one of the most trusted in the industry. This platform is an excellent choice for anyone who wants to avoid using credit cards and bank transfers without compromising their security.


Other than helping you fund your wagers, you will also enjoy dispute resolutions if anything comes up, secure connections, and hourly monitoring. It’s also much more challenging for someone to access your details and commit fraud or infringe on your data.

Please note that if betting is illegal in your country, you may want to avoid making deposits and withdrawals using PayPal because the transactions will be evident. Other than that, if you’re looking for a fast, secure and reliable way to deposit and withdraw money from your betting account, this would be a great deal.

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