There comes a day in a punter’s life when you ask yourself, ‘what else is out there?’ Now that you’ve bet on horses and football games and basketball wins and even motorsports, what next? Is there more to betting? The answer is yes! If you are at a point where you want to wager on anything other than football, it’s time we introduced you to special bets!

What are special bets?

These wagers have become even more popular of late as people try to find ways to increase their wagering opportunities and winnings! Interestingly, they also touch on sports a bit, but for the most part, they center on other areas of our lives. For example, who will win an award at the Oscars? What will the weather be like tomorrow?

Who will be the next pope? Anything you can think of can be a source of wagering. That’s what makes these bets so special. They have unique outcomes and are closer to some of the things we care about. And you hardly need to understand the world of sports or betting to make a good win.

Of course, just like sports betting, some of these special bets have more weight than others. You want to focus on those with more interest, which will help you earn more if you win. Plus, you will find more bookies willing to offer good odds on such wagers.

Which bookies take special bets?

Paddy Power
On this platform, you will notice that these bets go by the term novelty, which is another common term for these unique bets. Instead of offering the same old options found on other sites, this site goes for other options. For example, they offered a bet on the next species to go extinct. Of course, this might not appeal to environmental conservationists. But when punters see the odds and the variety, they cannot help but put some money where their mouths are. With such an exciting collection, it’s not hard to see why this powerhouse is a leading provider in this category.
Have you ever wanted to bet on TV specials? If yes, this might be the site for you. Not only does it have fantastic offers, but it also has good odds and covers some of the most exciting wagering options. Instead of only getting a kick from watching your favorite specials, you can mint money from your hobbies. How about that?

This site has various special events and has especially built a name for itself in its reward system. The more you wager, the higher your chances of clinching a good deal are. Plus, it offers an interesting selection of odds in political betting, which interests people who are all about the rush of the political scene. Sometimes, they offer humorous wagers with odds of up to 200 to 1. For example, they may ask punters to bet on an actor becoming president in a given year. Not only does this make for a good laugh, but if you win, you can imagine how high your bankroll would be!
From elections to TV shows down to awards ceremonies, this site has cast its net far and wide to cater to more punters. Its broadness in market reach has made it a favorite for anyone hoping to cash in big by keeping up with current affairs. You can even bet on movies. Instead of taking a humorous approach to bets, this platform takes on a head-on approach and is much more competitive than most other platforms. If you’re after more choices and better odds, have a look at this site.
Wagering Options - Financials
Have you ever wanted to enter the financial market without risking too much money? Well, now you have the chance. All you have to do is make the right guess on price movements. For example, you can bet on a value under which the FTSE will close. If you win, guess who’s going home with the money! It might require a bit of strategy, but you will not have to invest as much as you would if you were to invest in the financial market.

When it comes to singing, millions of people want to watch potential stars battle it out on stage. Now, think about it this way. Given that tens of bookies cover this event, why not spread your luck and try your hand at a win? Whether it’s winning manager, deadlocks, top girl, or who will be the first to lose, there’s a lot in play here.

White Christmas

It might sound funny, but people do bet on whether it will snow during Christmas, which has been happening for decades! You can bet early to get better odds, and you can even place your wager the year before. As people holler at the snow or frown at the bare ground, you will be celebrating or mourning for another reason.

TV Specials

Ever wanted to predict who will die in a soap opera? Now’s your chance! Not only can you do this, but you can also bet on other possibilities in the show. Often, these markets close early to avoid some people having an unfair advantage over the outcome.

American Idol

So many people sit at home, fingers crossed, and hoping their favorite idol will win. Now, here’s the thing. You can make the wait even more exciting by betting on your preferred winner. Get a hunch of what the public feels, and make your bet. If you’re lucky, you will be as much a winner as the next idol!


It’s possible to predict who will win an election in any part of the world. Work with a bookie with a global focus to enable you to get access to almost any election. You can increase your winning by wagering months in advance when people are yet to get their ducks in a row. Did you know you can even bet on the overall majority?


During some times of the year, such as Christmas and summer, these bets attract a lot of attention. Instead of guessing what the weather tomorrow will be like, how about putting some money on the line and making things more interesting?

Other interesting events include the record of the year, film awards, and current affairs. The markets keep increasing, and sometimes, bookies allow you to introduce your version of a bet. It goes to show that betting is a realm that is yet to reach its full potential.
Good luck!

Special bets

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